Wow, where did July go? #WriteMotivation

Talk about speaking too soon. No sooner did I tell myself how well I was doing, considering my plans for July, when I lost the thread altogether.

Apparently, moving from one continent¬†to another, leaving my beloved husband behind for what looks like several agonizing months, isn’t conducive to keeping up with my writing goals after all. Who’d have thought?

I pretty much failed my goals on all counts this month.

On the bright side, I am pretty much over the jet-lag and have managed to get myself into some kind of writing routine in amongst the job-hunting and spending time with family (which I am loving, I have to say). So as much as July was a wash, writing-wise, I think August is going to be great.

I’ve caught up with as many of the #WriteMotivation blogs as I can, at least, so there’s that.

And two blog post updates out of four is better than none, right?

So bring it on, August, I’m ready!


July #WriteMotivation Update 1

So, I signed back up for #WriteMotivation for July, which might not have been the best idea since I’m travelling to England this month, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also upped my word count goal to 1000 words a day instead of 3,000 words a week. So far so good, but it’s not always easy, especially with packing and organising, so we’ll see how that goes too.

I’m already a little late on my posting, but since it’s still the first week, I’m scraping by with this one. I cut out the second post per week goal, since I don’t always have a second post ready to go. So any post other than the #WriteMotivation one is going to be a bonus one.

I’m also (and this isn’t part of my goals) reading for a new flash fiction market freeze frame fiction. Check out the first issue, which has some great stories all at under 1000 words.