#WriteMotivation Final June Update

I did it. I managed to keep it up for the whole month!

I didn’t manage two posts per week, but I did an author interview with Aderyn Wood last week, as well as my #WriteMotivation update. And I also wrote a guest post for fellow #WriteMotivation blogger Heather Jacobs.

I also wrote 3,000 words every week and last week I doubled that word count. I’ll talk about why that happened in another post, as I intend to up my writing goal to 1,000 words a day for next month’s goal.

I did submit a short story every week, although I did not write a short story every week. I did complete two though, and I have had one acceptance this month. I’ll talk about that when I have more details.

So, all in all, June was a good month for me. How did you do?


10 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation Final June Update”

  1. excellent work! i think it’s better to keep up with your word count goal than post more frequently. the writing needs to come first! (she tells herself) i did not do so well, but hope to rectify this next month by focusing on the daily goals a little better. gotta keep at it!

  2. Great work! Also, you get massive cool points for using the Happy Happy Joy Joy song from Ren & Stimpy. I spent most of June sick but I’m looking forward to a great July.

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